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            Welcome to the official website of wenzhou lidian power station valve co., LTD. Contact us english |  Chinese | 
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            Zhejiang lidian valve co. LTD Is a senior technology company, mainly engaged in: LED display production, sales, installation and debugging and provide corresponding solutions;Provide information query system solutions, providing a queuing system solutions, providing computer network system and office automation of outsourcing services.In high quality LED full-color projects at the same time, in the table of the new technology, virtual LED video field, with the domestic many famous enterprises closely in: technology development, human are equipped with full cooperation, pre-sale after sale, etc.Company since its establishment, relying on its own technology and management, excellent product quality and rich practical experience, has excellent completed many has significant influence both at home and abroad of systems engineering, and achieved good economic and social benefits.And, the company's products and services is becoming more and more accepted by customers from all walks of life and recognition.As a professional LED solutions, technology consulting and systems integration company, we have always followed the international latest technology and new products, and use the advanced technology and product application needs to provide the best solution for our customers.Sincere letter, positive enterprising, create value, mutual encouragement is the motto of our company, do everything with high quality products and advanced technology for customer service is the tenet of our company.In today's rapidly changing and competitive market, highly efficient information technology has become a major success of enterprise and an indispensable tool of the government at all levels, from wenzhou to science and technology co., LTD., is the ever-changing information technology application, supplemented by the customer for the professional spirit, sincerely look forward to a more extensive cooperation with all walks of life customer, with customers from all walks of life care and support, for the construction of modernization in our country make a greater contribution!My company has been in the sports, finance, wharf, postal service, electric power, transportation, industrial control, the Labour market, medicine, schools, telecommunications, taxation, mobile advertising, road, high-grade building, exhibition pavilion, technical supervision and other fields of multiple users.The product technology, engineering, quality and after-sales service by the user's consistent high praise
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